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Woman paid boyfriend to get tattoo of her breasts on his back before breaking up with him

Malakye Brooks and Jo Anna
Malakye Brooks and Jo Anna
By: Mason White  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A man of the United Kingdom, is regretting his decision of getting a tattoo of his girlfriend's breasts on his back.

23-year-old Malakye Brooks of Morecambe, said that he went on vacation to Ibiza, Spain, where he met up with Jo Anna.

They then spent a lot of time together.

One night, Brooks and Jo Anna went to a bar, where they got drunk.

The couple then went to a tattoo parlor.

Brooks looked through the latest designs, but could not decide on one for his back.

That is when Jo Anna suggested that he get a tattoo of her face and upper body including her breasts, on his back.

She offered to pay the cost of the tattoo, which came out to $500.

It took the artist four hours to complete the tattoo on Brooks' back.

Shortly after getting the tattoo of his topless girlfriend, the relationship ended.

Brooks now regrets the tattoo, saying that he did not think about what it would be like to have a topless tattoo of his naked former girlfriend.

He is now looking to have the tattoo removed.

Brooks complained that adults and kids stare at his back at the beach, and make fun of his tattoo.

Guys at bars often squeeze his tattoo, saying that they like to feel breasts.

Drug dealer chokes to death after swallowing bag of drugs during police raid on his home

Drugs (illustration)
Drugs (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A drug dealer died after trying to hide drugs from police by swallowing it, according to police in South Africa.

The South African Police Service confirmed that 36-year-old Kingsley Ikeri of Vryheid, caused his own death and was not the victim of a hate crime.

The incident began when police received a tip that Ikeri was selling drugs from his home.

When police showed up at Ikeri's residence, he quickly swallowed a bag with drugs and drank a bottle of beer.

Ikeri started choking and passed out.

He was rushed to the Vryheid Hospital, where he was declared dead.

The South African Police Service launched an investigation into claims that Ikeri was tortured to death by the police because of his nationality.

Ikeri was a native of Nigeria, who lived in South Africa until his death.

Ikeri's friend, Emeka Okoye, who was with the drug dealer during the police raid, claimed that the officers placed a plastic bag on the deceased for more than an hour.

When they removed the bag, Ikeri was unresponsive.

The police officers denied abusing the drug dealer.

15-year-old boy caught having sex with a goat

Goat (illustration)
Goat (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A teenage boy was dragged to a police station after people caught him having sex with a goat, according to police in Nigeria.

Niger police said that they have arrested 15-year-old Kabiru Idi, after being accused of having sex with the goat at least twice.

Idi is facing two counts of bestiality.

According to the police investigation, members of the public caught the boy having sex with a goat.

Idi was warned to stop his activities with the animal.

When he was caught a second time, the witnesses called the police.

Officers from the Kpakungu Police Division, responded to the scene, and they saw Idi having sex with the goat.

He was handcuffed and dragged to the police station.

Parents horrified after seeing porn playing on large screens at children's ice skating rink

Ice skating rink (illustration)
Ice skating rink (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) Parents were shocked to see that someone broadcast porn on large screens located at a children's ice skating rink in Russia.

St. Petersburg police said that they have launched an investigation after hackers took over the large screens at the Rio shopping mall and broadcast porn in front of many children.

Witnesses at the scene said that parents left their children at the ice skating rink and they went to shop.

Suddenly, the large screens, which usually show ads and public information, began showing a sex scene.

Some children noticed the adult content being played on the screens, and they notified their parents.

Luckily, the sound was off.

It took four minutes for a manager to shut down the broadcast.

The manager of the mall said that none of its employees were involved in the incident.

One witness made light of the situation, writing on Twitter: "Watching porn and children ice skating."

Woman allows huge spider to crawl on her face before releasing it into the wild

Spider crawls on woman's face
Spider crawls on woman's face
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A woman who found a large spider in her home, decided to let the creature have some fun before releasing it into the wild, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The woman, who was not identified, said that she found the spider on Thursday afternoon, in her home in Pensacola, Florida.

The woman decided to let the spider live and release it into the wild.

She also allowed the spider to explore her body before getting rid of it.

The video shows the golden orb weaver crawling on her face.

The woman kept her cool while the creepy large spider crawled up and down her face.

"We were relocating this beautiful golden orb weaver to a more appropriate location when it decided to go exploring," the woman wrote on YouTube.

The golden silk orb-weavers are found in warmer regions around the world.

They are also commonly called golden orb-weavers, giant wood spiders, or banana spiders.

Golden orb-weavers reach sizes of around 5 centimeters or nearly 2 inches.

The venom of the golden silk orb-weaver is effective in action on prey, but has not been reported to be of any notable consequence for humans.

13-year-old boy suffers ruptured testicles after surfing on top of train

Boy surfing on train
Boy surfing on train
By: Mason White  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy suffered serious injuries after jumping out of a train and trying to surf on top of it, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that the 13-year-old boy of Brooklyn, who was not identified, was traveling on the Coney Island bound F train on Tuesday, at around 5:00 p.m., when he decided to climb out and engage in train surfing.

While standing on top of the train, the boy hit a "Do Not Enter" sign at Neptune Avenue and West 6th Street.

The boy fell onto the train tracks and suffered serious injuries.

He was rushed to Maimonides Medical Center, where he is said to be in critical condition.

The boy suffered ruptured testicles, cuts to his face and bruises all over his body.

Another teenager decided to copy the stunt and made sure his friends recorded it.

The video shows the teen holding onto to a door outside of the train as it was speeding to the next stop.

The video was uploaded to Instagram.

Married teacher has sex with her students including two boys on same night

Jessie Lorene Goline
Jessie Lorene Goline
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A young teacher admitted to having sex with her students, but claimed that one boy lied about his age before they had sex, according to police in Arkansas.

The Marked Tree Police Department said that they have arrested 25-year-old Jessie Lorene Goline, after being accused of having sex with at least four students.

Goline has been charged with first-degree sexual assault.

If convicted, she faces up to life in prison.

She was booked into the Craighead County Detention Center, and bail has been set at $5,000.

According to the police investigation, Goline is married and was a teacher at the Marked Tree High School.

Goline first sent text messages to the boys, and invited them over to her house.

She sent them photos of herself wearing nearly nothing.

Goline had sex with two students on the same night.

3 students attended school in the Marked Tree School District, while another was from the East Poinsett County School District.

The abuse came to light when one of the parents found out about the sexual relationship and threatened to harm her.

Goline then confessed to the principal of the school.

She said that she was afraid her husband would leave her.

Goline was fired from her position as an art teacher.

Goline claimed that she thought the boys were all 18 years old, but one of them was much younger.