Doctors remove woman’s foot and reattach it backwards (video)

By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A woman who had her foot removed after being diagnosed with cancer, had it reattached backwards, doctors in the United Kingdom said.

22-year-old Jordon Moody lost part of her thigh to cancer, but surgeons have reattached her foot to her knee so that she can wear a prosthesis without pain.

Doctors told the woman of Hull, East Yorkshire, that the procedure will allow her foot to mimic the knee joint.

Moody underwent the rotation surgery after being diagnosed with bone cancer for a second time. The first time, the cancer was found in her thigh, while she was studying Performing Arts in New York.

She had the tumor removed and underwent chemotherapy. After treatment, Moody returned home to the United Kingdom, to be with her family.

Last year, during a visit to her grandmother in Germany, Moody was hospitalized after experiencing extreme pain. Doctors confirmed that the cancer had returned to her leg and ordered the amputation.

The doctors told Moody that she could either have her left leg amputated completely or undergo rotation surgery.

The surgery was performed at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, and she now waiting to be fitted with a new artificial limb.

Molestation control police officer caught fondling 19-year-old student while riding train

Crowded train illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A police officer who worked for the Molestation Control Division, was caught fondling a 19-year-old college student while riding a train, police in Japan said.

The Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested the head of the enforcement division on Tuesday, for allegedly groping the teenager in Hiratsuka City.

The incident unfolded around 10:00 p.m., when 30-year-old Hironori Nagasaki, approached the woman, who is a college student, and touched her body.

The victim screamed and the officer fled the scene. He was later detained by a male passerby, who called the police. Nagasaki has admitted to the allegations made against him.

Nagasaki, who oversees the division responsible for patrolling trains from sexual predators, was placed on administrative leave.

"We deeply apologize to the victim and local residents. We will investigate the matter further, and deal with it in the strictest manner," a spokesperson for the police said in a statement.

Hospital worker caught having sex with female dead body

By: Feng Qian

A hospital worker was arrested on charges of violating a corpse after allegedly being caught having sex with a female dead body, police in Papua New Guinea said.

Police spokesman David Terry said that the incident unfolded at the Port Moresby General Hospital late Wednesday night.

A private security guard noticed that the lights were turned off in a room behind the main morgue, and went to investigate. The door was unlocked and the security guard entered the room.

He turned the lights on, and he observed the suspect making out with the naked dead body.

The woman's dead body had been transferred from the emergency room that day after being killed in a hit-and-run incident.

Medical personnel found the suspect’s DNA on the woman. The identities of the suspect and the deceased woman have not been released.

Police arrested the hospital worker, and he faces charges of interfering with a corpse.

Clothing shop owner strips young female thief of her clothes after being caught shoplifting

By: Chan Yuan

A female thief was embarrassed in public by an angry shop owner.

The female thief of China, was stripped of her clothes by a mad store owner, who caught her shoplifting.

The incident unfolded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, when 28-year-old Yu Chung was caught stealing clothes from the store belonging to 39-year-old Mei Hsueh.

Hsueh told police that by stripping the suspect naked, she was able to detain the thief until police arrived at the scene.

"This thief was trying to steal my stuff so I took some of her clothes. She will think twice before she does that again. This was supposed to be a warning to all those thieves out there to show them that not all stores are easy prey," the shop owner said.

Police said that Chung was charged with theft. No charges have been filed against the store owner.

Woman caught looking like a zombie and driving drunk (video)

Catherine Butler 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on charges of drunk driving after dressing up like a zombie and driving drunk, police in New York said.

Gates Police said that the woman of Rochester, was arrested for driving while intoxicated twice in the span of three hours.

The incident began when 26-year-old Catherine Butler, was driving her car without lights after leaving a party early Saturday. The police stopped her on Buffalo Road, not far from the police station, and determined that she was driving drunk.

After her arrest, a friend came to pick her up. Less than three hours later, police said that they arrested Butler again for drunk driving.

Police said that her blood alcohol content level was 0.11 percent the first time and 0.09 percent the second time. Both are above the legal driving limit of .08 percent.

The first time the woman was arrested, she was dressed up like a zombie, which is reflected on her mug shot.

Taxi company offers free therapy sessions while you ride the cab

Taxi Stockholm illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Now, you can pay for a taxi cab and get a therapist ride with you for free.

A taxi company in Sweden, has launched the new project, were therapists will be sitting in the back of their cars in an effort to combat the winter blues.

Taxi Stockholm employees qualified therapists to travel with customers. People can book a trip in advance to speak about their problems while running errands or riding through town.

The company said that people should not be afraid that drivers could share their personal issues with the world, as all taxi drivers have signed confidentiality agreements.

“No trip is too short,” said Mia Fahlen, one of the therapists involved in the project. Fehlen believes that even ten minutes can be enough to point a customer in the right direction, which could change their life for the better.

Fahlen said that she signed up to this service because of the “thrill of the unknown.” However, she added that she could predict the main issue of concern for residents in the Swedish capital.

“A lot of people are lonely. There are many single people in Stockholm,” she said.

A spokesperson for Taxi Stockholm said that the idea came to the them after a customer survey the company recently conducted.

About 70 percent of people said that their taxi rides were a good time to reflect on their lives. “When you think about it, drivers can even be therapists,” some said.

“We decided to put the two together for the benefit of everyone in Stockholm, especially considering that it is so cold and dark now,” the spokesperson said.

Deputy shoots and kills police officer during an argument after transporting a man to prison

Jeremy Martin (right) Tai Chan (left) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was shot by a highly trained SWAT team officer during an argument.

Now, the New Mexico deputy sheriff was charged with murder after he allegedly fired several rounds from his gun at his colleague during an alcohol-fueled argument in a hotel, police said.

Deputy Tai Chan, 27, an officer in Santa Fe, is being held without bail at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.

The shooting occurred shortly after 12:00 a.m., at the Encanto Hotel in the city of Las Cruces, where the two officers had stopped for the night after transporting a prisoner to Arizona.

Investigators said that Chan and Deputy Jeremy Martin, 29, went to three restaurants on Monday night, where they drank and got into a heated argument. The fighting intensified once they were back at the hotel.

Witnesses heard arguing and then several shots rang out.
Martin tried to escape in an elevator, but was shot in the back and arms, authorities said.

Police arrived at the hotel and found Martin near the elevator with multiple injuries, Las Cruces Police spokesperson Dan Trujillo said.

Martin was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Chan was found in a stairwell near the roof of the hotel. He was taken into custody without incident and a semi-automatic pistol, believed to be his service weapon, was found nearby.

Martin had been a deputy for two years and six months, while Chan was in the force for three years.

Martin left behind a wife and three children, all under 10 years old. Chan, who is being held without bail, is expecting a baby with his girlfriend.

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