Woman throws out 4 cats from her car window while speeding on highway

Veronica F. Gordon 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after allegedly throwing out several cats from her car window while traveling on a highway, police in Florida said.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said that they arrested 39-year-old Veronica F. Gordon on Friday, after being accused of dumping four little kittens on State Road 87.

Around 11:45 a.m., police received a call from a concerned motorist who saw Gordon throwing a cat from her car window. The caller followed Gordon’s car and saw her throwing out three additional cats from her window.

When stopped by police, Gordon admitted to throwing out cats from her vehicle. One cat was recovered, and police estimate that it is about 7 weeks old.

It was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. Police were unable to find the other cats. Gordon was charged with animal cruelty, and her bail was set at $5,000.

Parents force girl to live alone in the woods for eating Pop Tarts without permission

Crystal Lynn and James Allen Driggers 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A couple was arrested on a charge of child neglect after allegedly kicking out their young daughter of their home because she ate Pop Tarts without permission, police in South Carolina said.

The Sumter County Sheriff's Officer said that they have arrested 36-year-old Crystal Lynn Driggers and 33-year-old James Allen Driggers, after being accused of setting up a tent in a wooded area and forcing their 14-year-old girl to live there.

They gave the girl a roll of toilet paper, a flashlight, a whistle and a watch, and she was told to stay there for a week. She was instructed to come to the family home once a day, if she was interested in food.

The parents have four additional children living in their home. This was not the first time that the girl had been denied access to her house.

Last month, she was banned from entering the house from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day. The parents were booked into the Sumter-Lee Detention Center, and the kids were sent to live with their grandparents.

Teacher has sex with student on roof of school building before getting pregnant

Jennifer Fichter 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested, charged and convicted of sexual activity with a minor after having sex with her students, prosecutors in Florida said.

Now, 30-year-old Jennifer Fichter of Lakeland, has been sentenced to serve 22 years in prison after being found guilty of 37 counts of sexual activity with a minor.

Fichter had sexual relationships with several 17-year-old boys. According to the police investigation, she had sex with them in their bedrooms, in parks and at her apartment.

One of the teenagers told investigators that he had sex with Fichter about 20 times. Her encounters were discovered when the mother of one of the teenagers found sexual text messages on her son’s phone.

One victim said that he had sex with Fichter in the roof of the school. At some point, Fichter became pregnant by one of the teens, but she chose to have an abortion.

The teacher was charged with 37 counts of sexual activity with children under 18 and has been convicted of all charges. She apologized to her victim in court.

During sentencing, the judge called her a predator.

Young man bites off woman’s nose because she made a wrong turn while giving him a ride

Aaron Olmsted 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly biting off the nose of a woman who was giving him a ride, police in Connecticut said.

Vernon police said that they have arrested 33-year-old Aaron Olmsted, after being accused of biting off the nose of his caregiver because she made a wrong turn on the way to a doctor's appointment.

Olmsted attacked the woman while she was driving on Regan Road. The incident unfolded on Monday morning. The woman works for a social service agency.

The woman called police from a parking lot around 9:00 a.m., to report that the man bit off her nose. Olmsted fled from the scene and police identified him as a suspect.

Police and paramedics treated the woman, and she was transported to the Hartford Hospital. Olmsted was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $500,000.

Bear kept locked up at cafe eats woman’s hand while her husband ordered coffee

Bear illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman lost her hand to a hungry bear that has been locked up in a cage at a cafe for years, police in Russia said.

The customer of the cafe in Tomsk, was mauled by the bear, which has been kept along with other bears at the restaurant in order to attract diners.

According to the police investigation, while the woman’s husband was ordering coffee, she went to the cage to have a closer look at the bears.

That is when one bear managed to grab her hand and bite it off.

Animal control officers responded to the scene to make sure that the cafe owners had the necessary permits and documents to keep the bears at the site.

Based on the preliminary investigation, it appears that the cafe’s documents are in order. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to her hand.

Doctors were unable to reattach the hand.

Sheep urinates on television reporter during live broadcast

Conor Macauley with Button 
By: Wayne Morin

A television reporter in Ireland, got a nasty surprise when a sheep urinated on his feet during a live broadcast.

Conor Macauley was telling his audience how a couple adopted Button, a 3-month-old abandoned sheep, when it began to urinate on his feet.

The BBC television crew could not contain their laughter, but Macauley looked happy and even shook his feet after the sheep finished relieving itself.

The video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

“It just proves that even sheep can still get pissed off with reporters,” InTheNameOfJustice commented on YouTube.

“Maybe that's why it was abandoned by its mother,” a9fc wrote.

64-year-old woman devastated after hospital nurse cuts hands of her doll that she treated as her own child

Doll illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

An elderly woman was awarded $100,000 after nurses at a hospital destroyed her doll that she treated as her own child, according to court documents in the United Kingdom.

64-year-old Susan Hearsey filed a lawsuit against the National Health Service (NHS) after being abused at the Walsall Manor Hospital.

Her family criticized the hospital for their harsh treatment against Hearsey, and they fear that she may never recover from her ordeal.

According to the lawsuit, Hearsey’s doll was cut up by a nurse because she was not following orders. The doll was found on the floor with its arms cut, clothes missing, and a piece of her hair missing.

Hearsey was devastated as she treated the doll like her own child. After complaining to the hospital, they agreed to buy Hearsey a new doll.

She refused the offer, and went to court. Now, the court in London ordered NHS to pay Hearsey 65,000 pounds ($100,000) in compensation.

The hospital has since apologized to Hearsey and her family.