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Parliament shut down after members threw water balloons at one another during brawl

Taiwan parliament members brawl
Taiwan parliament members brawl
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

For a second straight day, the parliament in Taiwan, was shot down after a large brawl broke out among legislators.

President Tsai Ing-wen and his party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), introduced legislation on Thursday, including a plan to build many new light rail lines throughout the country.

The cost of the infrastructure bill stood at $14 billion.

The opposition Kuomintang party slammed the high cost of the bill and accused the president of using tax money to win the upcoming election by spending in districts favorable to his party.

On Thursday, when the bill was brought up for debate, Kuomintang party parliament members threw chair and water balloons.

A large brawl broke out and the session was suspended.

One parliament member suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

On Friday, when the bill was brought up for a second time.

However, the session was suspended again when a water balloon hit the prime minister.

A brawl broke out again and parliament members threw chairs and water balloons at one another.

Some members were grabbed by the throat.

Drunk driver jailed after own dash cam recorded him going into bar and later crashing his white BMW into a Ford Focus

Moment before impact
Moment before impact
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A drunk driver recorded his own crimes on video, which later helped prosecutors secure a conviction in court, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Staffordshire police said that Nathan Williams, 41, of Woodshutts Street, Talke, Stoke-on-Trent, was sentenced to a total of 12 months in prison at the Newcastle Magistrates Court.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and drink driving.

Williams was also disqualified from driving for 3 years and 6 months.

The court heard that Williams, who has two previous convictions for drink driving, crashed his white BMW into the back of a Ford Focus on the exit ramp at Junction 16 of the northbound M6.

He failed to exchange details with the other driver or to check if for injuries before driving off.

Williams was stopped by officers as he was making his way home and arrested him for failing a roadside breath test.

Williams' dash cam was seized and the footage revealed that he was speeding and driving dangerously before and after the collision on the M6.

The footage showed Williams leaving his home and driving to the Wayfarer pub in Stone, before making the return journey via the A34, A500, and the M6.

Following the collision, he drove towards Crewe and then used country roads to avoid detection and make his way home, where he was stopped by police.

During each journey, he regularly drove at excessive speed and intimidated other drivers.

Moments before the crash, he was clocked doing 132 miles per hour on the M6.

PC Mark Bishop, of the Central Motorway Police Group (CPMG), said: "Williams used his vehicle as a weapon. He attempted to provoke a confrontation with other road users, and it is more by luck than judgment that nobody died as a result of his journey to the pub and back."

Angry driver destroys 18 parking meters by smearing peanut butter on them

Peanut butter on bread (illustration)
Peanut butter on bread (illustration)
By: Mason White  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

Police are looking for a driver who destroyed many parking meters by smearing peanut butter in them, according to police in Canada.

The White Rock RCMP officers are investigating the criminal mischief incident in relation to the City of White Rock parking meters.

Last month, 18 city parking meters along High Street and Vidal Street were vandalized, requiring repairs or cleaning.

Police said that the suspect, who was not identified, appeared to be angry when he used peanut butter to vandalize the parking meters.

If convicted, the suspect faces up to 2 years in prison for each offense.

The City of White Rock communications manager Farnaz Farrokhi said that he is very disappointed with the acts of vandalism as this is not what the community is all about.

Farrokhi added that the suspect does not reflect the integrity and community spirit of White Rock residents.

Police urged residents with security surveillance systems to review footage in order to track down the suspect.

Walmart fires 84-year-old employee because she found $1 bill on the ground and put it in her pocket

Walmart supercenter (illustration)
Walmart supercenter (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman in Texas was shocked when a Walmart manager fired her from a position in the company.

84-year-old Frankie Ruffino of Burton worked at Walmart for 10 years.

At first, she worked as a greeter, but when her health declined, she was hired as a phone operator.

Her long career at Walmart came to an end over a $1 bill.

On Tuesday evening, as Ruffino was leaving the Walmart store in Brenham, she spotted a $1 bill lying on the ground in one of the aisles.

Ruffino picked up the $1 bill and put it on her walker.

She went to her car and drove home.

The next morning, Ruffino was called into the manager's office.

The manager asked her whether she found money in the store.

Ruffino pulled out the $1 bill from her purse and handed it over.

The manager was not satisfied at all.

He told Ruffino that she must hand over her badge and uniform because she was fired over her integrity.

Ruffino said that it is very difficult without a job because she has to pay for medication and oxygen.

She is also devastated that at her age, her integrity is being questioned.

Father sells heroin from hospital maternity ward while visiting his girlfriend and newborn baby

Cody Hulse
Cody Hulse
By: Emily Lewis  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) The father of a newborn baby was caught selling heroin from his girlfriend's hospital room, according to police in Pennsylvania.

The City of Greensburg Police Department said that on Thursday, detectives arrested Cody R. Hulse, 25, of Latrobe, for selling heroin from a room at the Excela Westmoreland Hospital.

Hulse admitted to selling heroin and was found in possession of 34 bags of suspected heroin and various items of drug paraphernalia.

Hulse was not a patient at the hospital but was visiting his newborn child and girlfriend at the time of his arrest.

His girlfriend gave birth earlier in the day.

Hulse was caught after police stopped a car in which they saw baggies of heroin.

The occupants of the car told police that they just bought the drugs at the Excela Westmoreland Hospital from a man named Cody.

Police went to the hospital and detained Hulse.

Police found Hulse in possession of heroin, needles, rubber bands, and a spoon.

The baggies of heroin were stamped with the words “Final Call.”

Hulse admitted that he was addicted to heroin.

Hulse has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering the welfare of children.

He was booked into the Westmoreland County Prison and his bail has been set at $100,000 by District Judge James Albert.

Albert also ordered Hulse to have no contact with his newborn child.

72-year-old pastor lured girls into his office with candy and ordered them to touch his manhood

Garry Evans
Garry Evans
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) An elderly pastor who preached at churches for more than 30 years is accused of sexually assaulting at least 5 girls under the age of 10, according to police in Indiana.

Rushville police said that they have arrested 72-year-old Garry Evans after being accused of luring girls into his office with candy and touching their private parts.

Evans has been charged with 3 counts of child molestation, 4 counts of sexual battery, and 5 counts of child solicitation.

He was booked into the Rush County Jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, Evans was the pastor at the Rushville Baptist Temple Church, which is located in the 1300 block of North Spencer Street.

A 3-year-old girl recently revealed that Evans called her into his office and promised to give her candy.

The girl went into the office, where she got candy.

Evans then put his hands into her pants and forced the girl to touch his manhood.

After the public was notified about the sexual abuse, a mother came forward to say that the pastor sexually abused her 5 and 7-year-old girls.

The two sisters were lured into the pastor's office with candy after which Evans touched their private parts and they touched his genitals.

The sisters told investigators that Evans gives girls candy when they go with him into his office alone.

He then touches the girls' private parts and orders the girls to touch his genitals.

Man kills his 36-year-old friend in motel room because he wanted to die

Rex Drew Stewart
Rex Drew Stewart
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A admitted to police that he killed his friend, and claimed that the deceased wanted to die, according to police in Florida.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office said that they arrested the suspect in connection to a homicide at the Coconut Grove Motor Inn on Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach.

Deputies responded to the motel on Thursday, around 4:35 p.m., and found the body of 36-year-old Gerald Richard Breen, Jr. in a room.

Breen had been living in the room and had a man staying with him.

The man was identified as 26-year-old Rex Drew Stewart of 1147 Katherine in Callaway.

Stewart stated he used a commando hand saw to choke Breen to death after the two men argued and Stewart became angry enough to carry out Breen's request.

Stewart stated he killed Breen on Wednesday.

Investigators did find the commando hand saw in the room.

Stewart was arrested and charged with an open count of murder.

He was also charged with burglary for leaving the motel room with the victim's cell phone and cash.

Friends of Breen stated that the deceased would have never wanted someone to kill him as he loved his two children very much.

Stewart was booked into the Bay County Jail, and his bail has been set at $50,000.