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Bride and groom wear onesies at wedding

By Mason White 5:45 PM February 4, 2013
Wedding party in onesies, bride and groom in the center 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
When we think of a bride, we think of a beautiful gown and a bride all dressed up for her special day. But not this bride, as she wanted to be comfortable and relaxed on her big day.

This bride and groom chose to wear the most comfortable outfits they own, their onesies.

The bride and groom, decided against having a traditional and expensive wedding, instead they chose to marry in their one piece outfits and easy footwear. The bride wore comfortable slippers while the groom wore sneakers.

Kelly and Stuart Scott, from Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, may be the first couple in the world who got married in this unique fashion.

This couple had their wedding relaxed to the extreme by tying the knot in onesies. Kelly and Stuart Scott, have two children, a one-year-old son, Frankie, and Tiegan, who is Kelly’s seven-year-daughter. Both kids were dressed in onesies as well.

Some guests were good sports and agreed to go along with their plan and they showed up to the wedding in onesies. But others did not. Some of their aunts and uncles came to the wedding with traditional wedding attire.

According to reports, the couple asked the minister to wear onesie when officiating the wedding but he politely declined.

Stuart, is a 39-year-old electrical engineer and Kelly, is a 30-year-old account manager for an energy company. They did not want to waste thousands of dollars on the wedding, yet they wanted to make it fun and different.

According to reports, Kelly said: “Our favorite time of day is when we are watching TV snuggled in our onesies after the kids have gone to bed. As a young girl I imagined marrying in a big white dress, but as you get older you realize that there are more important things in life than to spend thousands of dollars on a dress.”

Now, the couple is saving money for a honeymoon to Disney World with their kids.