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Applebee’s fires waitress for uploading God receipt to the internet

By Mason White 6:58 PM February 2, 2013
God receipt 

(Scroll down for video) A waitress lost her job after uploading a customer receipt to the internet, according to press reports in Missouri.

An Applebee’s waitress who published a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about a tip added to the bill automatically onto the Internet was fired Wednesday after the pastor who wrote the comments on the receipt complained to her manager.

Chelsea Welch, the waitress, told news reporters that the pastor, who has since been identified as Alois Bell, told her manager at the Saint Louis-area Applebee’s that the firestorm that followed the publication of the receipt had ruined her reputation.

“I give God 10 percent,” Bell wrote on the receipt, crossing out the automatic tip added to the receipt. “Why are you 18?” There were more than eight people in Bell’s party, causing the automatic tip.

Welch, who took a photo of the bill from another server and uploaded it to the internet, defended her right to publicize the receipt. “I thought the note was insulting, but also funny,” she told a news website. “I thought that other people will find it entertaining,” she added.

Bell, who is a pastor at the Truth in the World Deliverance Church Ministries, was not amused, and she called the manager to complain against Welch.

“It was an oversight in my character and judgment,” Bell told a news website, who added that she did not realize that so many people will realize that it is her signature. She also told the news website that her friends called her to tell her that she is viral all over the internet.

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