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Man gets $5,000 bill after falling into icy lake

By Mason White 7:05 PM February 2, 2013
The bill Neil Robbescheuten received 

If you need the assistance of emergency workers be prepared to pay up. A man claims he had received a bill for $5,000 after falling into an icy lake, according to press reports in Ontario, Canada.

The southern Ontario, Canada, man says he will fight the $5,400 bill received from a fire department for rescuing him after he went through the ice while fishing.
Neil Robbescheuten, 62, was fishing on Lake Scugog, earlier this month when a dense fog rolled in and he became disoriented trying to find his way back to shore.
The man said he was crossing the ice lake in a marshy area near reeds and he was able to pull on a tree trunk while he called police after which three fire trucks responded to rescue him.

He later received a bill for $5392.78 for the rescue and said he plans to fight it because of concerns that people will think twice before calling the emergency services when they are in trouble.

Scugog Fire Chief, Richard Miller, said that although this is the first such bill ever issued, the town of Oshawa has had the ability to issue bills for years.

Miller said the temperature was warm and rainy that weekend and local conservation authorities had issued warnings urging people to stay away from water bodies.