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Tokyo Japan receives its first Jewish women’s ritual bath

By Mason White 7:24 PM February 2, 2013
New ritual bath in Tokyo Japan 

Jewish women in Japan received some exciting news this week, according to press reports in New York.

Twelve years of planning and finally the Jewish female population of Tokyo has its first ritual bath.

Jewish women in Tokyo reported that previously they had to travel 325 miles to the nearest Jewish ritual bath in the city of Kobe.

Rabbi Sudakevich and his wife have been working on the project for years and an Israeli resident of Kobe, Yair Levy, helped finance the construction of the ritual bath.

The ritual bath was inaugurated last week in the presence of the Israeli ambassador in Japan, and was named Mikvah Mordechai, in memory of the father of Yair.

Levy, owner of  cosmetics and jewelry stores in Japan, told news reporters that before starting a new business, he wanted to do a good deed.

A major obstacle to the construction of the ritual bath was the fact that Japanese construction companies turned down the job because they had no experience in building such a facility.