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Syria retaliates against Israel strike by attacking websites

By Mason White 7:38 PM February 2, 2013
Syrian Electronic Army 

Several days ago Israel attacked targets inside Syria, according to press reports in the Middle East.

Now, several hours after Damascus admitted that the attack took place, an organization calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army, said: “We have hacked 50 Israeli websites in central Israel.”
Syrian officials were quick to say that the attack would face a harsh response, however, it is doubtful that this is what they truly meant.

“After Israel attacked our Center for Scientific Research in rural Damascus, we decided to respond, but in our own way. The Syrian Electronic Army hacked dozens of websites of the Zionist entity,” the hacker group’s website, said.
The hackers, who are affiliated with the regime of President Bashar Assad said on its facebook page that further attacks can be expected and that it will show the world that the Syrian Electronic Army is willing to take on anyone who threatens pure Syrian lands.

Despite the harsh words, a short review of the websites attacked revealed no connection between them and Israel’s security.

In a list published by the hackers, it named websites of vacation locations in northern Israel, the website of a small town, websites that offer workshops on nutrition and diet, a website that offers a course in online advertising, a website for alternative medicine and even a website that displays time from around the world.