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Missing Australian teen survives alone in the woods for 2 months

By Mason White 4:38 AM February 3, 2013
Matthew Allen

A teen survived despite being lost in the woods alone for two months, according to press reports in Australia.

The Australian teen, who is 18-years-old, was found alive after surviving more than two months in the woods in northern Sydney.

Matthew Allen was reported missing after he did not return home in late November, according to the Australian press. Despite extensive searches by police and emergency workers, there was no sign of the teen.

Allen did not take along his phone or access his bank accounts while he was away, so his family feared the worst.
But last Saturday, two hikers found Allen lying in dense growths. He had lost half his body weight, was extremely disoriented and covered with insects and leeches, according to police.

Officials also said that Allen was suffering from gangrene in the lower legs and feet.
A rescue helicopter took the dehydrated teen to a local hospital, where he was reunited with his family.
“His family is delighted that he is alive and well,” Detective Inspector Glyn Baker, told the local television news station.

Despite the severe exhaustion, Allen was able to tell his rescuers that he had only survived by drinking the water of a stream that was almost dry. During the two months he was missing, Sydney temperatures experienced a record heat wave.
Police believe there is more to the story, but have not yet had the opportunity to talk to Allen about what happened to him in the woods.