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Israeli Super Bowl advertisement goes viral after being banned

By Mason White 5:05 PM February 3, 2013
Sodastream banned Super Bowl advertisement 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) An Israeli Super Bowl advertisement that was banned went viral on the internet, according to video uploaded to the internet.

For advertisers seeking millions of eyes, there may be no better place than the Super Bowl. However, for brands looking to maximize publicity, there may not be a more better opportunity than to have the advertisement banned from the Super Bowl.

Such is the case of Sodastream, a company that sells soda-making machines.
SodaStream allegedly bought advertising space to air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. According to sources, however, the advertisement was banned because it directly challenged two other major sponsors, which are Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

“SodaStream created an advertisement specifically for the Super Bowl named ‘game changer’, which was rejected by CBS last week,” a SodaStream spokesperson wrote in a statement. “Because SodaStream is a direct competitor of large soda brands who tend to be advertisers during the Super Bowl, the rejection of one of the proposed advertisements of the company, which targets large soda brands, may not be surprising,” the statement continued.

SodaStream has since returned to work out another advertisement which received approval from CBS, producing a spot that does not clearly mention their competitors. Meanwhile, the company has enjoyed a spike in publicity along with millions of free visits to its original advertisement, by posting the advertisement on YouTube.

This is not the first time SodaStream has been surprisingly successful with a banned ad, either. In November 2012, a U.K. company banned a similar advertisement from the company because it “denigrated other soft drink makers.”

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