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Canadian flight grounded after family refuses to stop smoking

By Mason White 4:45 AM February 4, 2013
Sunwing airplane 

By: Moses Gold
Hundreds of passengers had to suffer because one family could not keep away from cigarettes during a flight, according to police reports in Canada.

A Sunwing flight from Halifax, Canada, on its way to the Dominican Republic, was forced to land in Bermuda, when three passengers refused to stop smoking, officials said.

Sunwing flight 454 landed in Bermuda on Friday night on its way to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, a Canadian television news station reported.
Police met the plane at the airport, boarded the plane and arrested three passengers, officials said.

“Those passengers seemed to be a father, a mother and a son. The parents seem to be in the 50s. The son, I think, is around 22-years-old or less,” Inspector Paul Simons, said.
The family has been ordered not to leave Bermuda and their passports and travel documents have been seized by local police.

David Shellington said his wife was on the plane and sent him text messages about the incident.

“They were smoking in the bathroom and when they left they got into a bit of a discussion with the other passengers. They could not say where they threw away their cigarette butts and that caused a bit of a stir, I guess. After that the arguments intensified with the father, mother and son,” Shellington said.

Simons said the plane was grounded overnight and that passengers were put in hotels.
“The flight was also based for Canadian trained mechanics so they can inspect the aircraft for undetermined reasons,” Simons said.