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Doctor gives woman sex toy to treat aching shoulder

By Mason White 6:05 AM February 4, 2013
Doctor’s examination room 

By: Eva Fett
A woman became enraged after a doctor gave her a sex toy instead of treatment for her aches and pains, according to press reports in Sweden.

The Swedish woman said she visited the home of her doctor to get extra attention for her shoulder pain, but was given a sex toy instead.

The woman, whose name was not reported, told a local Swedish newspaper that she had gone to see a doctor at a clinic in Ludvika regularly for shoulder pain.

She said the visits became increasingly long and extended beyond the regular hours of the clinic. The doctor, whose name was not reported, eventually offered to treat her at his home at no extra charge.

“I thought he was nice and just wanted to help me,” she said.
When she visited his home, instead of treating her aching shoulder, he gave her a dildo to help increase her self-esteem, the woman said.

“My reaction was hysterical laughter at first. Later, the doctor asked if it was the wrong color and asked me if I would rather have a blue dildo instead of pink one,” she said.

After the woman left, the doctor continued to contact her by email and phone, suggesting a return visit to his house, this time with a friend.

When the woman eventually became frightened and isolated at home due to the fear of the doctor her mother called the clinic to complain.
The doctor was fired from his job and local authorities are investigating the incident.