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Arkansas couple win the lottery twice during fishing trip

By Mason White 6:12 AM February 5, 2013
Stephen and Terri Weaver 

By: Eva Fett
Sometimes you just get lucky for the day and the good fortune just keeps pouring in all day long.

An Arkansas couple who decided to go out for a day of fishing came home with quite the catch. They purchased two winning lottery tickets, including a $1 million prize.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission, said that Stephen and Terri Weaver were on a fishing trip when they stopped to buy the first ticket at the convenience store, T-Ricks, located in Pangburn, which is about 60 miles northeast of Little Rock. They stopped at the store on the way home and bought another ticket.

That first ticket was a winner of $1 million. The second ticket scored another $50,000.
The lottery said that the Weavers collected their money on Monday and plan to pay bills and invest for their retirement.