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Stash of weapons found inside Muslim school in Northern Israel

By Mason White 7:00 PM February 5, 2013
Some of the weapons found inside a Muslim school in Northrn Israel 

By: John Roberts
It is well known around the world that Muslim extremists use schools and hospitals as a place to store weapons and attack the enemy, as they believe the West will hold off from attacking hospitals and schools.

Now, a stash of weapons was discovered in a school, inside a kindergarten classroom in the village of Abu Snan located in the Western Galilee, during a police raid on Tuesday.

The weapons found included, missiles, rocket propelled grenades, explosives and grenades. It was also found in a drainage canal and a pond.
The weapons were transferred to be destroyed by officials at a northern police district.

Commander of the North District Police Unit, Chief Superintendent Michael Shipshak, said: “in this operation, we discovered numerous weapons, before they fell into the hands of criminals, or were used by local crime families. We had success in preventing injuries to persons and property.”

Northern District Commander, General Rony Atia added: “Our mission is to fight against the possession and use of weapons. Our efforts to reach this goal is to work within the district and beyond.”