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Gaza University announces new modest dress code for female students

By Mason White 6:14 PM February 6, 2013
Gaza University students 

By: Sarah Weiss
Female students attending Gaza University now have to dress a certain way, according to a statement made by Hamas.

The Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza have taken another step towards the implementation of strict Islamic sharia law in the region.
The latest step is the introduction of a strict dress code for female students at the University of Al-Aqsa.
A letter distributed to students in November stated that all students should wear modest clothing on campus.

Al-Aqsa University president Salam al-Agha told a Palestinian newspaper last week that the dress code, which is scheduled to be implemented when the new semester begins, does not require the burka or face veil, but rather an approved dress according to the university.

Al-Agha said the dress code would be implemented by education and staff will give lectures on appropriate clothing, including loose clothing, long jackets and baggy pants.

He said that 97 percent of students dress appropriately, but the dress code was conducted to ensure that all students dress appropriately to avoid attracting male desire.

However, the decision has caused outrage among officials of the Palestinian Authority. Ali Jarbawi, the Minister of Higher Education, issued an official response to the announcement of the university, labeling the decision “illegal and therefore null and unenforceable,” according to press reports.