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Hasidic rabbi bans women from walking alongside their husbands

By Mason White 4:36 AM February 7, 2013
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple walking together on the street 

By: Moses Gold
A Hasidic rabbi has banned women from walking alongside their husbands among ordering several new laws, according to press reports in Israel.

At a ceremony that marked 11 months since the death of the previous grand rabbi of Viznitz, and the end of reciting the Kaddish, a memorial prayer for the dead, the current serving grand rabbi of Viznitz, ordered new regulations for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

The new regulations match up to the extreme modesty regulations of other famous Hasidic groups. The rabbi instructed marriage counselors to notify newly married couples about all the new laws he issued.

During the speech, the rabbi also criticized how ultra-Orthodox Jewish women are dressed, fuming that skirts are too long or too short and criticized the type of wigs being used by ultra-Orthodox Jewish women.

Some of the new regulations reported in the Israeli press include:
Followers are only allowed to speak the Yiddish language, banning modern Hebrew.

Followers may only read the Hamodia newspaper, which is published by the Gur Hasidic group.
Married followers are forbidden to walk together as a couple in public.

Women must cover their wigs with a scarf or hat wide enough that covers most of the wig. Critics have noted that the Torah forbids anyone from adding new laws to the laws already stated in the Torah of Moses.