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Man has 94 biological children and counting

By Mason White 6:09 AM February 7, 2013
Pu Ziona with his large family 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) If you thought that having 10 children is a lot how about 94?

Pu Ziona, who is a leader of a Christian sect in India, has 94 biological children with 39 wives.
They all live in a light purple 100 room house.

Last week, a local Indian newspaper reported that the family was growing to 200 members. According to Ziona’s eldest son, Parliana, 55 of his children, 12 daughter-in-laws, four son-in-laws and 86 of their 128 grandchildren are living at the home run by the 39 wives.

Every married couple has a private room or cubicle and given a monthly allowance, while children and young single adults live in large dormitories. The eldest wife of Ziona, Thiangi, establishes the weekly schedule for the other wives including housework and conjugal visits. Each wife shares Ziona’s bed for a week before trading off to another.

Thiangi also manages the kitchen, which prepares about 250 pounds of meat, vegetables and rice for lunch every day.

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