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Female flight attendant fired after showing her finger to passengers

By Mason White 6:23 AM February 7, 2013
Tatiana Kozlenko 

By: Eva Fett
A female flight attendant was fired from her job after a photo of her showing the finger to passengers was published on the internet, according to press reports in Russia.

Flipping the bird on a plane full of passengers was probably not the best idea, especially if you are a flight attendant.

Tatiana Kozlenko, a flight attendant with the airline Aeroflot, was fired after posting the picture of her giving the finger to passengers on a facebook type social media website in Russia, Vkontakte.

The Vkontakte photo quickly went viral on twitter as well and the managers of Aeroflot ultimately fired Kozlenko for her rude attitude. However, the flight attendant denied the incident, saying: “The hand is not mine, the airplane is not my company!”

According to the Russian news agency, the image was first published in October 2011. It was recently released after a Russian blogger posted it on Twitter. The woman claimed it ended up on her account after she was tagged to the photo.