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Bar Refaeli Super Bowl kiss rated most sexist and offensive

By Mason White 4:57 PM February 7, 2013
Bar Refaeli kisses geek 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) The Jewish supermodel, Bar Refaeli, Super Bowl advertisement became an instant hit worldwide and was viewed millions of times on the internet.

Now it was announced that the award of this year’s most sexist Super Bowl advertisement went to Bar Refaeli and, in which it showed the supermodel kiss a computer programmer with the slogan of sexy meets smart.

Thousands of viewers used the Twitter hashtag # NotBuyingIt Sunday night to flag and rate the commercial disgusting, sexist and offensive during the Super Bowl game.

The hashtag generated over 10,000 tweets in real time, and 7,500 of them were for the advertisement, which has been accused of objectifying women and stereotyping programmers.

According to Miss Representation, a social activism nonprofit leading the Twitter campaign # NotBuyingIt for the second consecutive year, # NotBuyingIt reached more than eight million people.

In a statement Monday, said it embraced the conversation, despite the fact that some viewers considered the content inappropriate.

“We will not apologize for ‘The Kiss’,” Blake Irving, the CEO, said.
“This is provoking conversations. It was approved by the Standards and Practices of the network and used humor to illustrate the point about how powerful a combination of “sexy” and “smart” are. Personally, I think it’s very funny,” he added.

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