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U.S. basketball team under fire for Nazi salute and Hitler name

By Mason White 7:06 PM February 7, 2013
Teens playing basketball 

By: authorname
A U.S. basketball team is under fire after they were seen performing Nazi salutes and a teammate was named Hitler, according to press reports in Maine.

A photograph of members of the basketball team at Greely High School emerged last week in social media that has led to disciplinary action against some players and raised concern among administrators about anti-Semitic symbolism.

In the undated picture that was released on facebook, two players face each other, smiling, and making the Nazi salute with one arm in the air, while a third player sits cross-legged between them, holding the hands in peace signs. All three are dressed in their team uniforms.

Team members had referred to a player as “Hitler”, according to a letter sent to the parents of the players.
Administrators also said in the letter that “inappropriate and biased language was used by the team members.”

“Certainly we are taking this very seriously,” Greely High School Principal Dan McKeone, said. “We talked to several members of the team,” he added.

McKeone said that administrators investigated the origins of the photograph and while it made its way on facebook, he said he believes it was taken by the parents.

Superintendent Robert Hasson said he was notified of the incident but was not part of the disciplinary response.
“Those are unacceptable behaviors for Greely High School, and for student athletes,” Hasson said.

The letter to the parents of the players, dated Monday and signed by the Director of Sports, McKeone and David Shapiro, condemned the actions and urged parents to be proactive about addressing the issue.