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Racers run up 1500 steps in 10 minutes at the Empire State Building

By Mason White 5:40 AM February 8, 2013
Runners running up the Empire State Building steps 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Hundreds of racers raced up the more than 1500 steps of the Empire State Building, in New York City, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Mark Bourne and Suzy Walsham, who are both from Australia, were the fastest among the men and women in the race up the 1,576 steps of the Empire State Building on Wednesday, at the iconic New York City landmark.

Bourne finished the race in 10 minutes, 12 seconds and Walsham clocked finished the race after 12 minutes, 5 seconds, in the race up 86 floors which is described as a marathon vertical, according to the New York Road Runner, which organizes the annual Empire State Building race.

About 600 runners from 18 countries took part in the race, now in its 36th year.
“Obviously I’m very happy to win and it’s good to have all the training pay off,” Bourne said. “I spent a lot of time and luckily it paid off,” he added.

Four-time champion Walsham was equally elated.
“I had a bear on my back after my accident in 2009 and have trained specifically for this race. It was a personal best for me and I could not be happier,” Walsham, who lives in Singapore, said.

Australian Darren Wilson ranked second among men, followed by Ricky Gates of San Francisco, California. Brooke Logan of Australia was the second woman to reach the top, ahead of Erika Aklufi of Los Angeles, who came in third place.

Thomas Dold of Germany, the defending champion among men, who had won the race a record seven times, did not compete due to an illness.

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