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Burger chain owner becomes youngest female U.S. billionaire

By Mason White 9:29 AM February 8, 2013
Lynsi Torres 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A young woman has become the youngest female billionaire in the United States, according to press reports in the United States.

The youngest female billionaire in U.S. has made her fortune from fast food.

But the story of Lynsi Torres, the 30-year-old owner and President of the beloved In-N-Out Burger chain, remains largely a mystery.
Torres, who has no college degree and little business training, inherited the West Coast-based company of her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder. The Torres family has transformed the original, tiny drive-thru store to an estimated $1.1 billion.

The Christian-themed chain, founded in 1948, now includes nearly 280 stores in five states and has a lot of fans, including billionaire Warren Buffett. Lines of loyal customers line up for hours before the opening of a new store to get a taste of the beloved restaurant chain.

“They have done a fantastic job of building and maintaining a kind of cult,” an expert in the fast food industry told the press.
Despite the success, Torres has remained silent about her public and private life and rarely gives interviews.
The burger heiress, who has been married three times, was named head of the company in 2010 after a series of deaths in the family.

Harry Snyder died in 1976. His second son, Rich, served as CEO until he died in a plane crash in 1993 at the early age of 41.
Torres’ father, Harry Guy Snyder, then took over and led the chain of 140 restaurants before he died of an overdose of prescription drugs in 1999.

Torres’ grandmother, Esther Snyder, remained in control of the company until her death at age 86 in 2006. Torres received half ownership of the company when she turned 30 and will get the second half when she celebrates her 35th birthday.

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