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Thieves breaking into Brooklyn New York homes by posing as FedEx workers

By Mason White 12:01 PM February 8, 2013
FedEx worker 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A gang of thieves are dressing up as Fedex workers and robbing homes in Brooklyn, New York, according to video uploaded to the internet.

New Yorkers were warned: do not trust everyone who comes to your door, even if they look legitimate.

In East New York, Brooklyn, police are looking for a gang of thieves with a legitimate-looking frontman. They have released surveillance video showing the man and his crew during the well orchestrated act that could result in some quality time behind bars.

In the video, it can be seen how the frontman presented a homeowner with a box while wearing a Fedex uniform on Friday afternoon. He walked past the house about 3:40 pm and then went back once more before opening the front door and heading for the next door. He is then followed by his crew.

A man in a leather jacket came back. Another man with a maroon sweatshirt and a guy with a hat on his head also followed. After knocking the police said the crew forced their way into the apartment and assaulted four people living inside while demanding to know where to find the money and gold. The police said that they stole cell phones and gold chains.

A 72-year-old man had to be rushed to the hospital after the beatdown. He suffered minor injuries.

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