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Beitar Jerusalem club house torched after hiring Muslims

By Mason White 7:04 PM February 9, 2013
Worker at Beitar Jerusalem cleans out burned items 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A Jerusalem club house belonging to a leading soccer team was torched in a suspected arson attack after the team hired several Muslim players, according to press reports in Israel.

The suspected arson attacked damaged the main club house of Israeli Premier League Beitar Jerusalem on Friday, a day after four fans were charged in court in connection with the racist incitement against the recruitment of Muslim team players, police said.

Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that the fire, which caused no injuries, caused damage to the premises near areas of training. Trophies and other memorabilia were destroyed by the fire.

“Initial results show that the fire was caused by a number of suspects and the police were investigating a possible connection with the protests after the team signed up two Chechen Muslim players last month,” Rosenfeld said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the violence and said in a statement Friday: “This is shameful behavior. We will not accept racist behavior.”

He added: “The Jewish people had suffered from boycotts and persecutions, therefore we should serve as a light to other nations.”
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that the police would take a hard stand to end this matter and praised the club for what he saw as a step towards the fight against racism and violence.

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