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Donald Duck accused of refusing to hug black people

By Mason White 4:33 AM February 10, 2013
Donald Duck 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) It seems like Donald Duck has some serious problems with black people these days, according to a new lawsuit filed against Disneyland.

A second family has filed allegations that a Disneyland character ignored their children because of the color of their skin.

In a photo, a smiling 5-year-old Razzi White is seen next to a Star Wars character. His mother, Nastasia White, said it was the only picture she took that day with a character, but her son wanted one more.

“I was upset and hurt. He was very sad,” White said.
Several months ago, the White family celebrated the birthday of two-year-old, Ryder.
On Disneyland’s Main Street, White said Razzi came within three feet of Donald Duck.

“Donald Duck was sitting there with open arms, saying, ‘Donald, Donald!'” White said.
White said Donald Duck made ​​a deliberate move away from her family and went to play with a baby in a stroller.

The White family waited a foot away, for the first inline and urged Donald Duck to give Razzi some attention. White said she asked twice for a quick photo.
Instead, according to White, Donald Duck approached a white girl near the bench and hugged her.

White said that after three minutes of waiting, they left out of frustration. When we turned around, White said they saw Donald Duck hugging white children who were behind them.

White said that Razzi asked this question: “’Why did Donald Duck not want to take a picture with me?’ Inside, I wanted to cry. It was discrimination.”

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