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Florida couple spends five hours a day doing coffee enemas

By Mason White 5:49 AM February 10, 2013
Trina doing a coffee enema 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A couple revealed a strange coffee addiction they both share with each other numerous hours every day, according to press reports in Florida.

The Florida couple showed off a powerful way they are getting their dose of coffee every day. They use enemas throughout the day, which are administered at home on their own.

Mike and Trina from St. Petersburg, are addicted to a repulsive process revealed to a television reality show. They appear in the season premiere of “My Strange Addiction”, which will air this week.

Sometimes they spend about five hours a day, washing their colon with freshly brewed coffee.
“Once over a period of 24 hours, we probably did it nine or 10 times,” Trina said.

“Funny how our personality goes into it. We have totally different styles,” she continued.
“I like it thin, almost espresso grind,” Mike said.
“I like it thicker, because I think it is less dirty and sticky,” Trina said.

The couple, who have two young children, work from home and often cannot leave the house for long periods because of their habit.
Trina discovered the strange high while researching a solution to the stomach problems she had been having. Her husband did the same. Now they are engaged in the practice for two years. Doctors had slammed the practice as extremely dangerous.

Mike told news reporters that he had recently reduced the number of times he does it per day, but Trina is still going strong.
“I love the way it makes me feel,” she said. “It gives me a feeling of euphoria,” she added.

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