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Lost dog returns to owner after 7 years

By Mason White 1:56 PM February 10, 2013
Morgan Littrell’s dog 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A long lost dog suddenly showed up out of nowhere after many years, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Seven years after losing her Chihuahua, Morgan Littrell is still wondering what happened to it all those years. “I still think about the dog a lot. It’s very strange what had happened,” she said.

Two-year-old Kanga, ran away during a winter storm. “I knew it could not have gone far. The dog was very small and cold,” Littrell said.
Distraught, she took pictures door to door and put up signs of the lost puppy.

Even now, she is taking a second look at stray or lost Chihuahuas, in the hope of recognizing her old friend.
“I miss it and I thought about the day I would finally get the that call,” she said.

In Dallas, texas, an animal service, saw photos of the lost pet. Lost and Found Coordinator, Tony Villarreal, scanned the microchip of the wandering stray animal, hoping to identify the owner and return it.

Monday, the worker dialed the phone number registered to the chip so that the owner would know that the dog was safe.
“There was a moment of silence and suddenly this burst of tears,” Villareal said.
“I lost it,” Littrell said. Upon arrival at the Dallas Department of Animal Services, she met the pet she lost many years ago.

“It’s emotional. It’s strange, but it’s exciting,” she said. “A little fatter and a little older, Kanga is not sharing stories of where it was all this time,” she added.
She seems happy to be headed back home and not a stray dog​​.

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