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Repair shop finds $150,000 in cocaine inside car door

By Mason White 5:09 PM February 10, 2013
Smashed up SUV 

By: Sarah Weiss
You can be sure that the drug cartel will not be happy about this.

A car repair workshop in Missouri, had an unexpected encounter with a SUV door it bought from a salvage yard in North Texas, as cocaine was hidden inside the door with a value of $150,000.

A local newspaper reported that authorities believe the six pounds of cocaine arrived in Missouri last week by mistake.
Police Chief Danny Whiteley said that the door apparently came from a wrecked SUV in the Dallas, Texas, area, which was confiscated by police and was never claimed. It ended up in a salvage yard in Dallas.

A repair shop had ordered a door. When it arrived on Wednesday, workers found cocaine powder stuffed inside five plastic containers inside the door.
An investigation is underway to try to find out the source of the cocaine to the North Texas owner.