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3 Israeli surfers save 8 children from drowning in Hawaii

By Mason White 4:13 AM February 11, 2013
High waves in Hawaii 

By: Moses Gold
Several Israeli surfers who were vacationing in Hawaii helped save many children from drowning, according to emergency workers in Hawaii.

Three Israeli surfers yesterday rescued from drowning eight children in one of the nearby beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii, after huge waves began to crash onto the beach.

The three, who were identified as Zvika Elias, Yair Naftali and Gabi Lipetz, were received by the parents of the children as heroes, with cheers and applause.

“We went to a remote beach called Pre Hawaii, a half hour drive from Honolulu,” Zvika Elias, a 30-year-old New York resident, said. “The waves were about four feet high at the time we arrived at the beach. As the minutes passed the waves began to grow and become even higher,” he added.

Suddenly, the Israeli group saw around a dozen children in distress. “As we approached, we saw that the kids were not playing in the water but were swept out to sea by the huge waves that hit them. The parents were watching helplessly from shore how their kids were drowning. Then, we decided to jump into action, run into the water and tried to get as much children as possible out from the water,” Elias said.

The strong waves hampered the help of the Israeli group, but they did not give up. “Every time we got hold of a child, he was immediately swept back by a new large wave,” Elias said.

“After a half hour, rescue workers arrived and together they pulled out all the children from the water,” Elias added.
The rescue operation took about 40 minutes.

In total, eight children were rescued from the water. One of the children was one critical condition and was rushed to the hospital. “Without the Israeli surfers it is likely that the injuries would have been far worse. They probably would have been dead,” according to local rescue workers.