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Woman marries wearing wedding gown made out of bread tags

By Mason White 8:08 AM February 11, 2013
Stephanie Watson wearing bread tag wedding dress 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman has made herself a cheap yet adorable wedding dress to wear at her wedding, according to press reports the United Kingdom.

It has taken 10 years and 10,000 bread tags, but high school sweethearts Stephanie Watson and Will Wapling, finally got married.

She got married last month in a wedding dress that weighed ​​seven kilos made of thousands of tags. Watson said that the wedding was well worth the wait.

Speaking from her home in Trentham yesterday, Watson said she began collecting bread tags a decade ago at age 19, and joked that when she collects enough labels to create a wedding dress, she and Wapling will marry.

Watson, now 29 and a fashion designer, said that making the wedding dress was not as difficult as expected, as the sewing machine sew successfully through the tags.

However, the designing of the gown took hundreds of hours.
“The most important in the design of the dress was that I did not want people to be able to think that the labels are sewn on. I wanted everything overlap, so they could not see the seam,” Watson said.

The dress ended up costing only $36. Its sentimental value, however, is priceless.
With bread labels printed with best-by dates, the dress was a record for the many years the couple had been together, Watson said.

“I did not want to have a normal wedding dress,” she said.
“There are many occasions when you can wear a dress. During a very special day I thought, why not have something completely insane?” She added.

While the wedding dress was a work of art, Wapling, a carpenter, was wearing a classic suit.
“I did not want to force him to wear anything silly,” she laughed.