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Three Torah scrolls stolen from Bronx New York synagogue

By Mason White 4:40 AM February 12, 2013
Torah scroll 

By: Moses Gold
A New York synagogue has reported that three of its Torah scrolls are missing, according to press reports in New York.

A suspected thief stole three Torahs scrolls of a synagogue in the Bronx, according to police reports today.

The holy Torah scrolls are worth about $25,000 each, authorities said.
A worker at the Young Israel Synagogue located on Mosholu Parkway reported the incident to police. They were last seen inside the synagogue on East 208th Street, last week.

The synagogue is in ruins with holes in the roof after the congregation membership plummeted recently to less than a dozen active members, sources said.

The front door is locked with a combination lock, with homeless people allowed to sleep in the basement. There was no sign of forced entry, the sources added.

The cabinets containing the Torah scrolls also held 12 similar scrolls, several pieces of silver with religious significance and boxes full of cash donations, the sources said. None of the other valuables had been touched, the sources added.