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Utah girl suspended from school after her hair is deemed too distracting

By Mason White 6:21 AM February 12, 2013
Rylee MacKay 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A teen girl was suspended from school after officials at the school claimed that her hair is too distracting, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The middle school student from Utah was suspended last week after administrators consider her new hair color too distracting.
Rylee MacKay, a 15-year-old girl at Hurricane Middle School in southwestern Utah, was sentenced on Wednesday with an in-school suspension for wearing a new red hair color.

Without knowing it, she was in violation of school policy.
A rule in the School District of Washington County, including Hurricane Middle School, says, “Hair color must be within the color spectrum that grows naturally.”

MacKay said she had been wearing that same tone for months and was surprised about the sudden school action.
“They took me to the office and told me that my hair had to be changed by the next day,” MacKay said.
“They told me I could finish my week of school work in the office so no one could see me,” she added.

But when MacKay was not able to get an appointment at the salon that night, school administrators doubled down, demanding that MacKay go to Walmart and dye her hair herself or not to return to school, she said.

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