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X rated videos is killing your smartphone and tablet

By Mason White 7:08 PM February 12, 2013
Mobile device 

By: Debbie Gross
You should really think hard before checking out that x rated website on your mobile device unless you don’t care about your privacy, according to new research revealed this week.

The latest research is not about making any moral judgments, but it is definitely a bad idea to visit x rated websites on your smartphone or tablet.

Almost a quarter of mobile malware comes from porn websites, according to a new study by a leading web security and optimization company.

Mobile users do not check out x rated websites often, as less than 1 percent of all mobile traffic is pornography. But when they do go to those sites, the risk of downloading malware inadvertently to their devices increases threefold. That makes watching porn on smartphones as a threat far greater than watching porn on the computer.

Porn led to more malware on smartphones and tablets that email spam, malicious websites and fake applications combined.