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40 minutes phone sex call played in Arizona court

By Mason White 4:21 AM February 13, 2013
Jodi Arias 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A 40 minutes long phone sex recording was played in open court in Arizona, during a popular murder trial that is being followed across the United States.

Jurors heard a sexually explicit telephone recording Tuesday between a woman and her lover several months before he was killed. The woman claimed she was abused, both mentally and physically.

Jodi Arias, 32, faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Travis Alexander. She is ready to resume testimony on Wednesday after spending five days on the witness stand, describing the intimate details of their relationship.

The recording, which was recorded just weeks before the June 2008 murder, contains lewd conversations and jokes about Batman and Spiderman movies. Arias was laughing as the two joked, shared stories and sang songs to each other. Arias cried while the recording was played.

She later told the court how she suffered at the hands of Alexander, recalling that once she was choked into unconsciousness. She had previously described similar cases.

However, Arias never went to a hospital for injuries she allegedly suffered and she never reported anything to the police. Jurors have not yet heard of any witness or saw any evidence establishing a history of violence against Arias.

Prosecutors allege that Arias killed Alexander, in a jealous rage, stabbing and cutting him 27 times, cutting his throat and shooting him in the head at his home in suburban Phoenix, Arizona.

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