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Gang of girls caught on video in string of train station attacks

By Mason White 6:27 AM February 13, 2013
Teens fighting on a train 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A gang of teen girls were caught on video in a string of train station attacks in Australia, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The stunning video reveals the violence plaguing the railway stations in the largest cities in Australia.
While politicians warned that the budget cuts are causing decreased security at Sydney train stations, CCTV recordings captured a series of vicious attacks.

A group of teenage girls can be seen violently beating a couple at the Blacktown station. The assault was so severe that the man was left unconscious, while the woman’s face was left covered in blood.

During another incident at the Cabramatta station, a man is beaten repeatedly on the ground by a group of young men and women while security guards tried to intervene.

The police finally arrived on the scene, pointing tasers at the attackers in an attempt to prevent the continued attacks on the victim.

Statistics from the Office of Crime revealed that there are on average three attacks every day on the trains in Sydney.
Opposition Transport Minister Penny Sharpe said that the cuts are having an effect due to a reduction in the number of guards patrolling the stations.

She said that no police officers are on duty after midnight between Sunday and Wednesday.
She added: “These are serious incidents and people’s lives are ruined as a result. Three attacks a day is three more attacks. Fewer police officers are patrolling the train stations than ever before.”

One man who suffered a fractured skull, brain hemorrhage and lost hearing in his right ear after an attack told a local newspaper: “I was pretty much knocked unconscious as soon as I was hit and I think my head hit the ground. I do not remember what happened during the next three days.”

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