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Judge declares mistrial after victim’s glass eye falls out on the witness stand

By Mason White 6:32 AM February 14, 2013

By: Eva Fett
An assault victim had his fake glass eye fall out of his eye socket while testifying on the witness stand, causing the judge in the case to declare a mistrial, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

During the assault trial held in a Philadelphia courthouse, the prosthetic eye of the man fell out, causing members of the jury to gasp for air and a mistrial.

A Pennsylvania based newspaper reported that John Huttick was on the witness stand, demonstrating the loss of his left eye in a brutal fight in 2011. The victim began to cry and the force of his tears caused the prosthesis eye, also known as a glass eye, to fall out. Several jurors stood up like they have to leave. Shortly thereafter, the judge declared a mistrial.

The Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, Mark Gilson, said: “I’ve been a prosecutor for 26 years and have never seen anything like that happen. It was shocking.”
Defense attorney Eileen J. Hurley said: “He was crying, and when it came out, he held it in his hand. It was a shocking event to watch.”

Judge Robert P. Coleman felt the incident probably would have created additional sympathy for Huttick among jurors.
Huttick was working as a bar bodyguard in 2011 when he was informed about a fight in a nearby parking lot.

He went to intervene but was allegedly beaten by a man named Matthew Brunelli. Brunelli claimed self-defense.
The case will be retried next month.

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