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Worker finds $10,000 in casino bathroom only to turn it in

By Mason White 6:12 PM February 14, 2013
Meuy Saelee 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) If you find $10,000 in cash laying in a public bathroom would you turn it in?

A cleaning woman at the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, California, won the jackpot when she found $10,000 cash in the restroom last week. But lucky to the one who lost it she did not take the money and run.

Instead, Meuy Saelee turned the cash over to her supervisor and she got a nice bonus in exchange for her honesty.
Saelee spoke to news reporters about the discovery. She said she found the cash at about 2:30 am at a high risk casino bathroom. Saelee said that she did not hesitate to do the right thing.

By giving the $10,000 to its rightful owner, Saelee was presented with $500 as a thank you.

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