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Topless women celebrate Pope Benedict resignation inside church

By Mason White 6:32 AM February 15, 2013
Topless women storm Notre Dame Cathedral 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) 9 women were arrested and charged after they stormed a church topless to celebrate the resignation of Pope Benedict, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The women of a popular topless feminist group stormed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, this week to celebrate the resignation of the Pope.

Nine members of the Ukrainian group, Femen, drew crowds as they marched through the French capital with Pope no more scrawled on their bare breasts.

The Women, wearing only socks and shorts, then entered the Catholic church, which is 850-years-old and surrounded one of two big bells on display, before sounding them.
The staff quickly arrived and drove the protesters away and kicked them out of the cathedral where police detained them.

The women, who were described as provocative, refused to explain why they targeted Pope Benedict XVI, who shocked the world when he retired on Monday.

But they told passersby that they were also marching in support of gay marriage, which could be legalized in France, if it wins the support of the lower house of parliament in a vote this week.

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