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Europe horse meat scandal causes kosher meat sales to skyrocket

By Mason White 1:16 PM February 15, 2013
Kosher meat 

By: David Ross
The horse meat scandal that swept across Europe has caused consumers to flock to kosher meat because they feel secure that kosher meat will not contain any horse meat, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The head of the Manchester Jewish Court has said that the Food Standards Agency and meat companies could learn a lot from the kosher meat producers.

The scandal of horse meat has caused an unprecedented buying surge for kosher meat, with meat sellers reporting booming sales as consumers are turning to safety of kosher.

Jacky Lipowicz, president of the Retailers Association of Licensed Kosher Meat, said the scandal could be best thing that ever happened to the kosher meat industry.

Buyers who previously have never bought kosher meat have run to kosher stores following concern about the threat of contamination of supermarket meat products.

A kosher meat seller in Edgware, which is located northwest of London, said there had been an increase in people who buy kosher meat. “People always said that kosher meat is more expensive, but now they know why,” the meat seller told news reporters.

Manchester Jewish court Rabbi Yehuda Brodie, said: “The level of oversight that exists in all kosher establishments, whether commercial or otherwise, makes sure that any ingredient or meat meets strict requirements. There would be no way that anything could find their way in a kosher product that is not perfectly acceptable.”

The animals are first checked by a veterinarian to ensure that no diseases are present.
Each piece of meat is sealed and then an inspector checks that the seals are still intact. Any meat with a broken seal is pulled off the shelf.

Inspectors also check the exact quantities to ensure that no additional animals were added.
The koran has allowed Muslims who eat only halal meat to also buy kosher meat.