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Woman dumps her boyfriend using large billboard advertisement

By Mason White 5:08 AM February 17, 2013
Billboard dump sign 

By: Eva Fett
A woman decided to dump her boyfriend in a very public and embarrassing way, according to press reports in Manchester, England.
The woman left a chilling message on a billboard advertising service station.

The woman who was identified on the advertisement as Laura, paid for the digital display in Manchester Esso garage because she said that is where her boyfriend usually gets his lunch.

The advertisement on the billboard said: “I’m leaving you for Gary. Your clothes are at your mum’s. I’ve change the locks. Laura.”
The picture of the no nonsense announcement has swept the nation through Twitter and Facebook, and was deliberately placed last week maximize his pain.

That digital billboard normally advertises chocolate bars and snacks, but can be rented for around $150 a month.
“Being dumped is bad enough, but the humiliation of appearing at the local gas station is a step too far,” one spectator said.