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Police officer shuts down busy highway to help little dog

By Mason White 5:59 AM February 17, 2013
Cujo the dog 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A police officer took it upon himself to shut down a busy highway in order to help a lost dog, according to press reports in Texas.

Police officer Kyle Jones of La Porte, Texas, closed down the busy road on a rainy day to help a small dog find its way home.
Unbeknownst to Officer Jones, a nearby motorist took a photo of the kind gesture. Soon after, the photo of Jones trying to get to the stubborn little dog went viral on the internet.

Cujo the dog had escaped from its home on Monday morning. One of the owners, Jeremy Zapalac, organized a search in the neighborhood. But after an hour, it started raining. “it hates the water,” Zapalac said about the dog.

The dog had gone to a nearby road. Fortunately, Officer Jones saw the small dog, stopped his car, stopped traffic and generally went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the dog got home safely.

Jones was not sure that the dog was going to go with him, but it turned out that Cujo was happy to see him. “You know how chihuahuas are. You are not really sure if you can trust them or not. But it kind of looked at me and said,” Man, I’m glad you’re here,” the officer said.

Jones gave Cujo to an animal control officer who reunited the dog with its owners. The owners were clearly grateful. A few hours later, the owners sent an email of thanks to the police officer.