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Two Austrian politicians face punishment over Nazi facebook posts

By Mason White 1:09 PM February 17, 2013
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By: David Ross
Lately, more politicians are caught posting pro Nazi rhetoric on social media websites, according several media watchdog groups.

Austria judicial officials are investigating two members of right-wing FPO movement for posting comments on facebook that reflect pro-Nazi sentiments, with the party announcing that one has resigned after describing the German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a “traitor”.

The FPO announced last week that Fabian Wetter, resigned from the party and as city councilor of Franking, which is located in Upper Austria.

The other official, Michael Linder, remains the head of the youth section of the party in the city of Ried, which is also located in Upper Austria. Linder is being investigated after publications showed him wearing a shirt with the logo of a neo-Nazi heavy metal group and posting a quote from a popular Hitler youth poem.

Wetter also published a photo of Merkel wearing a Star of David, expressing pro-Nazi propaganda which is illegal in Austria.