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Parents put iPod in toddler’s briefcase to record severe teacher abuse

By Mason White 6:56 PM February 17, 2013

By: Debbie Gross
Parents who were suspecting severe abuse at a daycare put a recording device inside their child’s briefcase which recorded the abuse, according to police reports in Argentina.

The Argentine authorities are investigating the child abuse scandal at a child care after parents put an iPod in their daughter’s backpack to record what happened in the school during the day.

What they found was surprising. The iPod recorded teachers screaming, cursing and abusing children who repeatedly became so upset they vomited.

At one point, a teacher threatens to take the child to the bathroom sink if the child continues to cry. The teacher yells, “You want to go to the sink? Then, shut up, shut up!”

Parents said Tuesday that this could explain why their children were suddenly afraid to take baths.
A local newspaper reported that inspectors found that the daycare center was ordered closed down as a daycare operation in 1996 but continued to operate for 17 years despite having registered only as a private party house.