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Good Samaritan gets rude comment after returning $1,200 in lost cash

By Mason White 7:08 PM February 17, 2013
Kyle Osborn 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A Good Samaritan was expecting at least a thank you when returning a lost envelope containing cash but instead he received an extremely rude comment came.

You’ve heard the saying: “No good deed goes unpunished” and “Never judge a book by its cover.” Perhaps there is no better than a recent example of both in what happened to 29-year-old Kyle Osborn.

Osborn owns an auto detailing shop in Harrisonville, Missouri. Last week, he found an envelope with $1,200 in cash on the floor outside Sutherlands. Osborn was looking for the owner of the money, walking around the store to see if he could find someone who had lost something. He found a man who said he had lost the envelope of cash and handed it over to him.

Osborn was surprised by what the man said. “I hope it’s all there,” the person said. Osborn said that a simple thank you would be nice.

Osborn later published the details of what happened on his facebook page. His message caught the attention of the guys at Sutherlands. They thought the way the man had responded to Osborn’s gesture was so rude that they wanted to make things right. They put together a gift bag of Sutherlands products and a gift card worth $50 for Osborn in reward for his honesty.

Osborn hopes people will learn from his experience and he said: “The fact that someone has a beard, tattoos and is dirty, does not mean they are bad people.”