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Parents shocked after disabled daughter comes home from school with taped feet

By Mason White 4:08 AM February 18, 2013
Nate and Elizabeth Searcy with their daughter Shaylyn 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A school for special needs children is under fire after officials at the school put duct tape on a disabled little girl, according to press reports in Indiana.

An Indiana couple is looking for answers from their daughter’s previous primary school after their daughter, who is eight-years-old, came home from her special needs program with her shoes stuck to her feet and ankles.

Nate and Elizabeth Searcy have a daughter, Shaylyn, who has Down syndrome. She was in her first year in the Life Skills program in Westlake Elementary in Indianapolis. But after what the parents saw when she came home from school one day last week, they have re-enrolled her in Bridgeport Elementary, the school she attended last year.

“Shaylyn got home and the bus assistant said, ‘Where’s Mom?’ I looked at my daughter, and she said: ‘My feet hurt,’” Nate Searcy told a television news station. “I realized that she had duct tape around her shoes, above and below the top of her shoes and up and around her ankles to keep them on,” he added.

Shaylyn had to be taken to the bus because she could not walk, Elizabeth Searcy, said that the principal said. Her father took her off the bus when she got home.

“Then they put her in a kind of safety restraint chair and pushed her out of the school bus,” he said.
Elizabeth Searcy made ​​sure to take a photo of her daughter’s bound feet before the couple went to the primary school to talk to the principal, who agreed that the actions were inappropriate.

The school said that they have fired teachers and assistants who were responsible for duct taping the girl.

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