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West Virginia University professor bans mentioning Fox News

By Mason White 4:29 AM February 18, 2013
University letter banning Fox News 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A West Virginia University professor has ordered students never to mention Fox News, according to press reports in West Virginia.

A curriculum for a course in political science at the University of West Liberty instructs students how to filter through potential sources of research.

According to Fox News, ironically, the curriculum states:

DO NOT use
1) The Onion. This is not news this source is literally a parody.
2) Fox News. The tag line Fox News makes me cringe. Please do not submit me to this biased news channel. I almost prefer you print an article from the Onion.

No other means or research sources, seem to be prohibited. In fact, the professor encouraged students to use news sources such as The New York Times and the BBC.
Stephanie Wolfe, who is the visiting assistant professor behind the ban, has a one-year contract with the university in the northern West Virginia Panhandle. She is replacing another teacher who is on leave.

Upset students and some parents complained to the local press about what they perceived as a forced political bias.
Robin Capehart, who is the president of West Liberty University, appeared to side with Professor Wolfe.

“One of our values ​​in West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and investigate and gather information and see as many different sources as possible on either side, before coming to their conclusion,” Capehart told a television news station.

“Any attempt to limit the scope of the student’s ability to investigate is obviously something that we have a concern with,” he added.
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