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Siblings criticized after returning lost bag of money to rightful owner

By Mason White 5:47 AM February 18, 2013
Ryan and Katie Moi 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Two siblings were shocked one day when the find a bag with thousands of dollars just laying on the road, according to press reports in Oregon.

Ryan and Katie Moi have been the talk of the Eugene, Oregon, community this week because they found $13,000 in cash on the street and turned over the windfall to its rightful owner.

Moi Ryan, 25, told a television news station that they have received a lot of praise, but not everyone was so congratulatory.
“We’ve had mixed reviews, you know, people say we should have kept it, we’ve made a mistake, they told us that no one would have known if we decided to keep the money,” he said.

The two stumbled upon the money one afternoon last week. They were traveling along the busy Coburg street in Eugene, when they saw a bank deposit bag on the road. They stopped, opened it and saw a thick stack of hundred-dollar bills inside, Ryan said.
“We were speechless for about three or four minutes, our hearts racing, but both of us thought that someone had probably lost it,” he said.

Their father, Erik, lived nearby, so they took the money to him because they thought he would know what to do with it.
Erik Moi said he was in the shower when his children came by. “I heard them coming inside the house and screaming, ‘Dad, we found $13,000,’” he said.

In addition to the cash, the bag contained a sheet indicating the total amount of cash and checks payable to Reliable Credit Association, a company based in Oregon. Reliable has an office not far from Erik’s house and he happened to know the manager, so they all took the money over there that afternoon.

“I said, ‘Kyle, you’re missing something?’ I handed over the bag and he was just a little white,” Erik Moi said.
Reliable rewarded each of the siblings with a Visa gift card of $200, Moi Ryan said, adding that he and his sister have received job offers. Someone who read about what happened had bought Katie Moi, 21, a new MacBook.

However, not everyone in town had praise for the two. Several people have told the siblings that they are very stupid for returning the found cash, according to press reports.