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Georgia man sets his girlfriend on fire after argument

By Mason White 6:41 AM February 18, 2013
Robert Williams 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with assault related charges after setting his girlfriend on fire during an argument, according to court proceedings in Georgia.

Police said an argument between the couple, who live in Columbus, took a violent turn when the man left his girlfriend on fire.
The victim was trapped in the fire long enough to receive second and third degree burns on the hands and face.

Robert Williams, 35, is in jail, charged with aggravated assault and battery. Police said that he poured lighter fluid on his girlfriend Valleri Smith in the bedroom of her apartment located on Havenbrook Court, then set her on fire.

Neighbors said after emergency crews arrived, they could tell right away that this was not a normal fire.
“I saw all the fire trucks and stuff. Later I found out what happened, I thought, why should this have happened when it could have been solved differently?” A neighbor told a television news station.

“I feel that if she was going to leave, he should have just left. I did not even know they were fighting,” another neighbor told the television news station.

The shutters of the apartment window deformed and melted, which shows the amount of heat that the fire must have caused.
Smith, 44, was burned so badly, she had to be rushed to a hospital in Atlanta. Her family said she was released from surgery.

She is currently being treated at the burn center in Augusta, Georgia. Smith remains in critical condition.
A judge set Williams’ bail at $100,000 and is still in jail.