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Tim Tebow to speak at anti Jewish Texas church

By Mason White 3:19 PM February 18, 2013
Tim Tebow 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) The popular football player, Tim Tebow, has been scheduled to speak at an anti Jewish church, which is located in Texas, according to press reports in New York.

Tebow has booked a speaking engagement at a Texas church led by the famous anti-gay and anti-Semitic pastor, the Reverend Robert Jeffress.

The New York Jets backup quarterback will speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas in two months. effress, has said that 70 percent of the gay population has AIDS and that Judaism and Mormonism are religions that come from the mouth of hell.

Tebow’s topic of discussion to the 11,000 members of the Church has not been released. He’ll be talking at two Sunday morning services. In the past, Tebow, a devout Christian and son of missionaries, has been quiet about his views on gay marriage.

Tebow has spoken at several churches in the past.
Jeffress, meanwhile, has been criticized for his hateful comments.

“There is a disproportionate number of assaults against children by homosexuals than heterosexuals, there is no denying that,” he said last summer.

In the fall, he told his congregation that President Obama’s re-election was preparing the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.

Jeffress said that he is open to the possibility that sexual orientation is something you are born with and cannot be cured. He still feels however, that homosexual acts are sinful and still plans to discuss it with his followers.

“We cannot pick and choose which parts of the Word of God, we are going to share,” Jeffress said. “God ordered us not to hurt people, but to help people,” he added.