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Florida police find 10-year-old boy naked and drunk

By Mason White 5:56 PM February 18, 2013
Nedra Byrd 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Police in Florida have spotted a 10-year-old boy who was naked and drunk on the street.
After the incident, the Hernando County Sheriff sent officers to arrest the boy’s caregiver and charged her with child neglect.

According to the arrest report, a woman called police when she saw the boy without clothes on the street. She brought the child home and dressed him. Then she went to the house where the child was staying. After knocking on the door, it opened. The neighbor could see Nedra Byrd, 31, sleeping on the couch.

Police officers arrived at the house and also saw Byrd asleep, but a man sitting next to her looking at a phone.
Police officers asked the man if he knew where the child was. He replied: “He must be in his room, I just checked on him before going to the bathroom.”

After checking for the child and realizing that he was missing, the man tried to wake Byrd. It took about two minutes.
The police report also said that Byrd appeared intoxicated. Police officers could smell the alcohol on her breath.

One police officer asked Byrd if she had been drinking and she replied: “Yes, I’m drunk as hell” and sat down on the couch and passed out.

The boy later told investigators that he had been drinking brandy for most of the day and was given four shots. He also told investigators that he had heard a noise outside and thought it was his friend, so he went outside.
Byrd was arrested and charged with child neglect.