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Woman arrested after biting off her boyfriend’s tongue

By Mason White 4:40 AM February 19, 2013
Elaine Cook 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after biting off her boyfriend’s tongue during an argument, according to police reports in Illinois.

Prosecutors in northern Illinois said that a domestic dispute ended with the woman, Elaine Cook, biting off a large part of her boyfriend’s tongue.

Cook, of Skokie, Illinois, was charged with aggravated domestic assault.
A local newspaper reported that she was arrested on Sunday and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Authorities said that she and her boyfriend got into a fight after a night out. According to prosecutors, the woman, who is 51-years-old, asked her boyfriend to leave her apartment and bit off part of his tongue after he kissed her.

Assistant State Attorney Eva Reilly said that the man put his cut tongue in ice, but doctors at Evanston Hospital were unable to reattach it due to inadequate blood supply.

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