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Kansas man arrested after murdering two prostitutes

By Mason White 6:32 PM February 19, 2013
Derek Richardson 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after killing two prostitutes, according to police reports in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Kansas City area man was arrested last week in the killings of two prostitutes whose bodies were found in rural roadsides of Missouri almost a year apart.

At a news conference, authorities said the Derek Richardson, 27, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of abandonment of a corpse. His bail was set at $2 million.

“We are absolutely certain that he was going to kill again,” Kansas City police Sergeant, Doug Niemeier, said, adding that detectives will be looking across the United States to ensure that there were no other victims.

“We do know that he had traveled to other states,” Niemeier said, “so we will be in contact with those states just to be safe,” he added.

Police announced earlier this month that the death of Tamara Sparks and Nicoleone Reed, were linked and asked the public for help. Police said that they believed, Richardson was responsible for their death as a shoe matching his size was found near the dead body.

Niemeier said that an informant contacted police Thursday night.
The police began to follow Richardson and arrested him late morning on Saturday. Niemeier said that Richardson confessed to details of the crime and that he did not know the victims beforehand.

Sparks, 40, was found dead in the northeast of Kansas City, and Reed, 24, was found in rural Kearney, northeast of Kansas City. Both bodies were in placed where the public could easily see them, with their pants down and open shirts.

Both women were last seen on St. John Avenue, near Independence Avenue in northeast Kansas City, where they worked as prostitutes, police said.